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What is this website about?

The by-line says it all. This website will eventually contain a knowledge repository on climate related information that can be used for architectural design. Its higher objective is to move from the circle of concern to the circle of influence, when we hope to actually influence architects to produce climate sensitive designs.

This website can also be accessed as (However, nobody; including members of this website can edit it when the site is accessed in that manner)

In order to edit, you will need to access this site as Currently, invited members with a valid username and password are only allowed.

Who can join?

All architects/students/teachers of architecture, and other professionals related to climate and energy, are invited to participate in this website. Joining is not an automatic process. You need to be invited by someone who is already a member here. This website was started by a bunch of architects and students actively interested in this project. This work will be thrown open to the public once we have fleshed out sufficient knowledge here.

Hmmm… this is like a chicken and egg problem: You will not come to know who the members are unless you join. And you can only join only if you are invited by a member. Now unless the members themselves are forthcoming about their participation here, it may be possible that you will remain standing at the gate.

So, we have enumerated below a short list of members you can contact. We'll keep updating this list as we get the time. Contact information like email address, phone numbers will not be given here to prevent spammers harvesting those details. We assume that you will be using other sources to locate them:

  • Sabu Francis
  • Suresh M. Singh
  • Mandar V. Parab
  • Mugdha V. Joshi
  • Shilpa Sharma
  • Vinit Mirkar
  • Madhumita Nandi
  • Roshni Udyavar
  • Swati Deshmukh
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