Standards Of Writing And Etiquette
  • All information must be properly verified and cited where required.
  • If citations are not possible (say, for original work) proper argumentation must be supplied.
  • In case, logical flow and proper argumentation must be seen.
  • Grammar and typos may be forgiven on an individual basis. However, those who notice bad grammar and typos must quickly edit them out. One of the advantages of a Wiki system is it allows such cooperative editing.
  • All work must be tagged with appropriate keywords.
  • Titles of topics must capture the essence of what the topic is about.
  • Refactoring of large topics should be done with care. We have a whole topic on Refactoring.
  • Do not state personal points of views in the wiki pages. As far as possible, information must be presented in the third person format. We have a good discussion board, where each of us can make statements of this type "According to me…" or "I believe that …", etc.
  • Was this mentioned before? All writing MUST use formal argumentation techniques and display exemplary critical thinking.
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