18th July 2007

Students were asked to write 2 A4 size pages describing the following

  • One page information describing the climatic issues recognized by the student for the project he/she has chosen. Describe the causative issues and not the end solutions that the student may have thought for handling the issues. For e.g. Don't state that "I am going to provide louvres on the west side of the building" Instead state "I recognize the heat coming from the west side to be an issue, and I will be handling that issue" Louvres may be just one of the solution that could be attempted. There may be other solutions too
  • The second page should describe imaginary events happening to a imagined family for at least 4 different days in a year that stands for 4 different climatic situation that the family may be facing in the project. This is a role-playing exercise. Try to be as imaginative as possible and the student must visualize how each member of the family faced climatic problems during those 4 days and how the elements of the designed project helped that family member resolve those issues. The selected 4 days should not be contiguous but must reflect typical days of 4 different seasons/climatic situations. Activities, cultural issues, life-style, etc. must all be described in this role playing exercise. This exercise MUST be done independently by each student. After it is carried out, they must exchange notes and then ensure that there is no repetition of events. If there are, then the students must ensure that they modify this role-playing assignment so that each student works out a different exercise. In short, for eight students, we must get eight different role-playing exercises.
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