Architecture should not squirm

Welcome to Climatic Design

Bad architecture can be seen squirming within the environment; getting hot under the collar or shuddering with the cold. Bad architecture is designed by architects who completely ignore climatic considerations, or believe climate does not matter (because modern gadgets can overcome climatic problems) or are simply frightened of all the imagined calculations for which they think they don't have the skills (oops… did I word that right?)

This website hopefully would set all those right. It will gather some seeds of knowledge and grow them into a full forest of information that can be readily used by any architect anywhere. It will simplify the maths and make climatic design enjoyable. Its higher level objective is to actually influence architects in designing with climate.

This site is a cooperative work of many participants. A partial pedagogic approach is used to grow the knowledge on this site: Assignments and questions would be posed by Sabu Francis (and other teachers as they join this work) to which students would supply the answers/knowledge. Everything would subsequently be re-checked and edited by all participants democratically.

The first batch of authors of this site are the M.Arch students of Rachana Sansad, Mumbai (Academy of Architecture) who took the Climatology elective in the third semester of their M.Arch in June to Aug 2007. They will use this site as a basis for engaging with their individual assignments. Students and faculties from other colleges are also welcome here.

The second batch of authors are the M.Arch students of Rachana Sansad, Mumbai (Academy of Architecture) who have taken the Energy Conscious architecture elective in the 1st semester of their first year M.Arch from Sept 2007 onwards.

The contents of this site would be used in a book being written by Sabu where acknowledgment would be given to all active participants of this site.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License